Recently, Thai new-generation artist Gongkan has brought us his latest work, "Come and Grow" (2023), immersing us once again in his unique black hole art world. In this work, Gongkan combines the themes of black holes and growth, exploring the mysteries between dreams and reality, and illusion and truth.

"Come and Grow" continues Gongkan's signature surrealist style, using black holes as portals for teleportation and connecting characters with natural elements. In the painting, we can see trees, flowers, and characters traveling through the black hole together, symbolizing the growth and transformation of life. The inspiration for this creation comes from Gongkan's contemplation of nature and life, as well as his exploration of growth and change.

In addition to the main work "Come and Grow", Gongkan's mural "No more hate" and the "Teleport" series of works also demonstrate resistance and reaction to real society. In these works, he expresses insights into issues such as race, class, money, and power with a bright, humorous style.

Gongkan showcases his keen observation of social issues and unique artistic language through his works. His paintings are not only visual enjoyment but also thought-provoking with philosophical significance. In "Come and Grow", Gongkan calls for us to grow together, bravely face reality and dreams, and find our own value and meaning.

To learn more about Gongkan and his latest work "Come and Grow," follow our channel and join us in exploring the mysteries of black hole art and growth!

April 10, 2023 — Louis Liu