Haicam End-to-End Encrypted Home Security Camera (E21 AU)

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See and talk with your loved ones

Anywhere, anytime, privately, even if they can't handle a smart phone.

Sometimes you have to leave your loved ones at home. Your loved ones could be your baby, your aging parents, your spouse, your friend, or your pet. The reason could be work, travel, study, or disease, or something else. In some cases your loved ones can't handle a smart phone.

You miss your loved ones. Your loved ones miss you, or feel lonely, scared, bored. They need your encouragement, comfort, support, or help in emergent cases. 

Not everyone is born as a multitasking super hero, all the time. Sometimes your loved ones get absorbed in one thing and forget the other. A cooker left on the stove unattended may start a fire. A tap left running may flood the whole house. Your support can help them to wade through the difficult time in life.

Haicam helps you to keep an eye on your loved ones, talk with them, even if you are not at their side. 

Haicam is a smart camera system. It captures what is happening at your home, and uploads encrypted videos to the cloud. You can check what is happening, and what has happened, using a portable device such as your smart phone. You can see and talk with your loved ones through Haicam, as long as you have access to the internet. In case of emergency, you can alert them, or call emergency services.

Haicam smart camera system has a builtin mic and speaker. Your loved ones can hear you, talk with you, or communicate in other ways.

The video is encrypted and only you can see your loved ones. No prying eyes. Your privacy is protected.

How is Haicam different?

First and only camera with end-to-end video encryption

Protect your privacy. Keep your loved ones close and safe.

There are many cameras and apps around that allow you to see and talk. Haicam is the first and only smart camera system that supports end-to-end encryption as far as we know.

Haicam captures and encrypts the video before uploading. Only you can view the encrypted video on paired devices. To the prying eyes on the internet, it is just a random sequence of zero and one.

online security and privacy

Keep your loved ones safe

Only you can see and talk with your loved ones. Not the bad guys.

Does encryption matter? It certainly does. When your video is transmitted across the internet, stored on a remote server, or saved in a local storage card, many people can have access to the video if they want to. Network engineers. Server administrators. Hard disk repairers. Burglars. The plain video from a security camera does not have any security at all. Your video can cause more worry, stress and anxiety if it is in the wrong hands.

There are numerous cases of unauthorised access to videos captured by security cameras, or access to the cameras on the internet. In December 2019, it was widely reported in the world that a hacker harassed an 8-year-old girl over a bedroom security camera. End-to-end encryption removes weak passwords and prevents such security threats.

Creating a safe NEST with Haicam security camera



A Haicam camera allows you to connect to other cameras. You will have a network of security cameras in your home.


cloud storage


Haicam uploads video to the cloud. You don't need to worry about storage card being damaged or stolen.

In case you need help setting up the camera, you can contact a friendly support team, and join a user group on Facebook.

artificial intelligence


Haicam is powered by artificial intelligence motion detection technology. It can detect person, vehicle and animals. No false alarms.

highlight of the day

Time travel

While Haicam can't really send you back in time, you can have a quick overview of what happened during the day. There could be some fun and amusing moments you would have otherwise missed.


A perfect gift for someone you care about

Show that you care, even if you are not physically present.


What is included for your peace of mind

2 years free cloud storage

90 Days money back guarantee

1 year warranty

Haicam comes with 2 years' free cloud recording (The 1st year 7 x 24 continuous recording, then motion recording), 24 hours video history. You can upgrade up to a 30-day video history at a very affordable price.

The story behind Haicam and end-to-end encryption (e2ee) technology

Frank He, the chief engineer and Australian behind Haicam, had worked in the home security industry for over 10 years. While he lived in Sydney with his wife and three young children, he worked for a US company and needed to travel frequently. Frank missed his wife and young children while he travelled. He wanted to capture and store the moments of his children growing up. However being a veteran and expert in home security systems, he was aware in many ways the unencrypted videos could end up in the wrong hands.

Frank searched for a safer way to store videos. There was none, in the entire home security industry in the whole world. He was increasingly concerned about security breaches, threats and abuses discovered during his research.

Inspired by the newer technology used on mobile apps, and being a determined person, Frank resigned from his job, recruited a team and started to develop a secure camera system. He wanted to build a system that parents can trust and rely on.

Haicam is the result of years of hard work, commitment and heavy investment.

Just in case you are wondering what the name means, Haicam (pronounced as hi-cam) stands for hope, action, and independence.


Let your loved ones know you still care about them, even if you are not present. Help them spend the day and night feeling loved, full of hope.


Haicam has a two-way audio system. You can see and talk with your loved ones. You can alert your loved ones, or call emergency services, in case something unexpected happens. 


Haicam helps your aging parent who live alone to feel independent, yet still get your support when they need it. Haicam is particularly useful when your aging parent can’t use a smart phone or computer. 


1280 x 720P H264 video with wide viewing camera lens

Motion/Sound/AI powered person, vehicle and animal detection

Two-way audio

IR LED night vision up to 21 feet

WiFi 2.4GHz supported

Micro SD card up to 2TB supported

ONVIF supported, that allows you to connect the camera to your existing video recorder

Package Includes:

110-240V power adapter
8 feet power cord
Quick setup user guide
2 free video surveillance signs

Warranty and Returns


Haicam product is covered by a 1-year warranty guaranteeing the major working of the product.

How to make a warranty claim:

  • Send an email with the detailed fault to support@haicam.tech

  • Please include details of your order

  • Including the retailer and date of purchase.

  • Haicam representives will get back to you within 24 hours.

Retail customers of Haicam products have a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you are not happy with the product or change your mind, you can return the product with the original box within 90 days of the purchase date for a refund of the purchase price of the product returned.


All items must be returned in their original packaging.