Pigeon Japan PURE EXTRA Detergency Plus Baby Laundry Liquid Detergent 600ml


● Baby-friendly detergent for newborn baby.
● Made from 100% botanical cleaning ingredients
● Safe to use for babies (0 months and above)
● Effectively removes dirt and stains using plant-derived ingredients while remaining gentle to baby’s clothes
● No need to worry about remaining detergent
● Safety testing conducted to meet the standards (Clothing detergent, skin irritation testing and allergy testing tests)

Suitable for both hand wash and machine wash.
No additives [colorless, no fragrance, no bleach, no phosphorus, no fluorescent agent]

Recommended usage
Hand wash:
10 ml of this product against 5 liters of water

Washing machine:
Drum type: 50 ml for laundry 2 kg
General type: 50 ml for 30 L of water