Wakodo Handmade Corn Steamed Bread for 9 Months (4 Packs)


  • Brand: Wakodo

  • Weight: 4 Packs

  • Age for: 9 months+


This product is a handmade corn steamed bread podwer of 4 packs. Wakodo handmade chewing and steaming baby food from 9 months  is a steaming  baby food that can be easily made with a microwave oven, with a little sweetness. You can easily make delicious steamed bread by adding milk for 50 seconds. It contains iron and calcium and is a convenient individual packaging type.

How to make: 1: Put 1 package of this product and 15 ml of milk (1 tablespoon) in a small microwave oven and mix well until the lump disappears. 2: Heat in a microwave without wrapping with 50 seconds.