Wakodo Minestrone with Beans & Vegetables for 12 Months+(80g)


  • Brand: Wakodo

  • Weight: 80g

  • Age for: 12 months+


This product is  packaged baby food made by Minestrone with Beans & Vegetables, which are cut into bite-sized pieces. It is plump your beans with plenty of ingredients containing the vegetables Cousin Do minestrone. It is infant standard applicable food. The ingredient of vegetable is 100percent from domestic vegetables. Coloring, preservatives, fragrances are not added. Usage: without turning off the case, sealing the heat in a hot water, please warm wearing remains one to two minutes of the bag in hot water boiled to stop the fire.  After heating, the hole in the bag, please take out and insert chopsticks.  Open the seal from the cut, transferred to a vessel, please enjoy and mix lightly.