Anpanman 8Ways Cry Control Cart

$169.00 $208.00

Size: w580 X h620 X d445


●I easily rearrange it for eight functions from Mary to Walker and am usable for growth for a long time in total.
●A melody, chattering, sound effects, baby crying is precocious, and there is sound, and 50 kinds of sounds spread in total.
●With volume adjustment function.
●A function is with an auto-off.
●The decoration parts of the character who takes it off, and can play.
●Baby crying is precocious, and is with sound.
●Set contents: Base stands *2 soundbox *1 center bar *1 Mary prop *1 Mary cap *1 airing type cap *2 round arm *1 Anpanman (beads) *1 BaikinMan (mirror) *1 Dokin chan (beads) *1 soft toy *3 airing type ring *6 instruction manual