Anpanman Child Hand Cart


The Product Description

Product introduction

The first stage

* if the baby does not know how to stand, please use the support plate to seat the baby on the car with both feet on the foot, and the adult will push the baby forward with the handle

* the baby in the baby car can operate 8 kinds of rich puzzle board, learn to push, press, turn, twist and other movements

* exercise baby's hand-eye coordination


The second stage


* guide baby to hold the handle and push forward. Let baby learn to walk


The third stage


* remove the support plate, put down the foot, let the baby drive, exercise the baby's left and right feet alternately, firm walking method


Object age: 10 months to 5 years old baby

Object weight: about 25kg or less

Size: W36×H88×D73 cm

Weight: 4300 g