Anpanman Hexaheadral House Toy


  • Size: width 35cm × height 31cm × depth 33cm

  • Age: + 10 month

  • Brand: Pinocchio 

  • The 1st side: 3 beads, 3 keyboards, the left button with Anpanman's nose can emit five different sound effects, the right button plays music

  • The 2nd side: mayonnaise toy and two beads that can be pulled out

  • The 3rd side: mobile phone toys, with sliders and dials

  • The 4th side: sucking stone marbles maze

  • The 5th side: keys, switches, doorbells, simulation knock-on games

  • The 6th side: simulate the kitchen, pull paper towels, wash basin (it needs to be held down for a long time to make the sound of running water and light up)

  • The 7th side: shape matching, three shape matching games