Edison Mama Electronic Clean Nasal Aspirator


Baby running nose care is very important. If you don't take care of it well, it can cause otitis problem. Edison's clean nasal aspirator S is a powerful suction. It can be switched between quiet and electric suction and mouth suction. It comes with 2 soft nozzles and a storage case.

● Electric suction and mouth suction can be switched according to the condition and state of the baby's nose
● Suction power can be switched between two levels according to the runny nose
● Suction power is up because it is rechargeable
● Silent design that can be used with peace of mind without fear of babies
● Light and compact, easy to handle and easy to carry
● Battery-free and economical

【Product Summary】
Medical device classification: Managed medical device
Suction method: Electric and manual
Suction power: ~ -62kPa (-465mmHg)
Noise: ~ 44dB
Number of times of use (when charging once): Approximately 800 times (5 seconds each time)
Power supply: DC 3.7V (built-in flow battery)