Edison Mama Smart Style Home Made Cooking Set

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Longevity cooking set from baby food making! A simple design for adults who are usable as a kitchen utensil of the home for a long time even if I graduate from a baby food.

Country of origin: Japan
Brand: Edison

Size: 171*145*100mm

<parts explanation>
It is sultry with with steam hole and is convenient when I boil it.
●Spoon for the cooking
It is a pickpocket killing and the form that I am easy to strain with a flat aspect and a rough shape.
●Cut, grated plate
The plate which is usable in pickpocket lowering such as vegetables or the fruit juice and the corner limit of the vegetables which I boiled.
It is convenient for discharging when I combine it with a meal bowl.
●Strainer plate
When I want to do vegetables or the rice porridge which I boiled into a good paste per chestnut form.
●Steaming plate
A plate to ride ingredients in steaming dish and thawing, 温 めの.
●Meal bowl
The convenient dish which is usable for both cooking and a meal.
It is easy to lose it with a rough shape.