Bearbrick x Bape Peko-Chan 1000% Set


MBAPE® and Medicom Toy have been teaming up for many years, but this time they are characters that will continue to be loved for generations. We welcome "Peko-chan & Poco-chan" as a partner. Our BE@RBRICK PEKO-CHAN & POCO-CHAN is made with ABS resin.

Be@rbrick was first released in 2001 by Medicom in Tokyo, Japan, and is now one of the most collected designer figures around the world. The original color overalls are developed with BAPE's original CAMO. Furthermore, the piss tag from BAPE's original item is tied to the yellow TEE that Peko and Poco wear under the overalls. On the back is a high-impact logo called "Fujiya Milky and Vape." This is the first time such a set has been made public, and it is a specification that is unique to this partnership.

Furthermore, this is the first time such a collection has been released.
It's a standard that only this cooperation can view. "100% & 400% @ RBRICK BAPE® x Peko-chan & Poco-chan body set "BE @ RBRICK BAPE® x Peko-chan & Poco-chan 1000 percent (set of 2)" will be the name of the product. It will be available for purchase at A BATHING APE® conventional stores and the WEB STORE beginning Saturday, November 27, 2021.