Pigeon Baby Laundry Softener 600ml - Yellow


  • Brand: Pigeon

  • Volume: 600ml

  • Origin of Country: Japan


This product is baby laundry softener of Pigeon. The new formula is added to absorb water to keep the ingredient PND, making the baby's diapers and underwear softer. With strong water absorption and softness, the washed clothes will feel particularly soft and comfortable. This softener is suitable for washing baby underwear and diapers. It will prevent static electricity and dust from adhering, and can easily smooth the crepe of the diaper. No coloring, no fragrance, no phosphorus, no fluorescent agent!  After rinsing the clothes with clean water, pour the softener into the clean water and soak for 3 minutes and then wring out. When using a washing machine, the effect is better after proper stirring and kneading, and the effect will not be affected when dehydrating with a dehydrator.