Pilot Down Force 0.7mm Ballpoint Pen-Black Body


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  • Diameter Grip : 12.5mm

  • Diameter Max: 13.7mm

  • Grip Colour: Black

  • Ink Characteristics: Pressurised ink


The pilot down force pen is able to write in all weather conditions from extremely freezing to extremely hot or even in a rainy day. The magic behind the bar is the clever mechanism in the pen's top button. The pressure is channeled into the refill when you push the button to the tip every time, thus leading a good flow of the ink.

Moreover, a large spring-loaded binder clip is designed to be able to attach to the thickest pockets and book cover. What it more clever is that the clip is automatically retractable when you take the pen out of your pocket to avoid marking your pocket. The pen body is made of anti-bacterial material, therefore, you can feel free to share it without worrying about spreading germs.