Popmart Pucky Circus Babys Series (Set of 12)

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From Hong Kong designer.

Presents cute and funny characters from the circus, whether it's a happy clown or a sad clown, the rabbit magician is still a lion cub, all bring infinite joy to baby circus!

Available in single blind box or a case of 12. Pucky Circus Babys blind box series has twelve different designs with the possibility of a secret (chase) in some of the sets by random.

Discover them:

- The Jester
- Ring Master Baby
- Gipsy Baby
- Circus Tent Baby
- Poko the Clown
- Elephant Baby
- White Horse Baby
- Hippo Baby
- Little Lion
- Rabbit the Magician
- Little Monkey
- The Happy Clown
- The Sad Clown


  • Height : 8 cm

  • Designer : Pucky

  • Producer : Pop Mart