Pure Cotton Sling and Saliva Towel


Pure cotton sling and saliva towel made in Japan, which can prevent the baby's skin from rubbing directly with the sling strap, and also allows the baby to lick and bite and has good water absorption. It is easy to put on and take off and clean, which is very convenient The front side is made of soft cotton cloth, and the back side is absorbent towel cloth. It can be used alternately on both sides according to the baby's preference. It adopts special patented water repellent processing, and the inner layer adopts a waterproof coating to prevent drool from penetrating. Not only can it be buckled on the baby carrier/sling, but also on the protective bag of the baby seat and stroller. It can also be put on the mother bag or baby backpack to reduce the burden on the shoulders.

◎Place of Origin: Japan

◎Materials: surface: 100% cotton, lining: 80% cotton, 20% polyester fiber, front: cotton; back: terry cloth

◎Size: about 16.5×23cm

◎Applicable age: newborn to 3 years old