San-X Sumikko Gurashi Neck Pillow Travel Pink U Shaped

By San-X

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  • Brand: San-X

  • Color: Pink

  • Size:29 x 30 x 11 cm


This product is neck pillow of Sumikko Gurashi from San-X in pink color. Make long trips or flights comfortable and cosy with lthis soft neck pillow that fits perfectly in to any carry on. The outer comforter is encased in a soft. Not only is it naturally light, soft, warm, breathable, hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial. It's also low impact to the environment. This cute and soft neck pillow will mould perfectly to your neck, head and shoulders and is ideal for supporting the neck, head in a secure and comfortable position while sitting and travelling, thus relieving stress and preventing neck aches and headaches. It is lightweight and portable so takes up every little room for ease of travel and no matter how it is shapped, folded, packed, it will always return back to its original shape. This will become your new favourite travel pillow!