Sanrio Hello Kitty Frixion Ball 3 Colours Gel Ink Erasable Multi Pen – 0.5 mm

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    • Body: BLUE AND WHITE

    • Material: Plastic

    • Diameter Grip: 12.3mm

    • Diameter Max: 13.5mm


Enjoy three colours of Pilot’s beloved Hello Kitty FriXion erasable multi pen in one pen body!The ink are in colours red,blue and black. Like magic, its thermosensitive ink turns invisible when rubbed with the special friction “eraser” tip of the pen. The ink will also disappear if exposed to other sources of heat or friction, so we do not recommend using these pens to address envelopes or leaving anything written with them in a hot car. What is more interesting though, erased FriXion ink reappears if exposed to temperatures below 14° F (-10° C), like if it is placed in a freezer—it’s like magic ink!Get yours now!