Sanrio My Melody Bedding Set-1900Threads

By Uji

  • 1900 needles/15cm
  • 60% Bamboo Fiber + 40% Cotton
  • Breathable and comfortable, delicate and soft
  • The fitted sheet adopts the all-inclusive elastic ring turning method, which is not easy to shift
  • There are 7 small ropes in the quilt bag to prevent the quilt core from moving
  • No lint


Double  (Fitted Sheet: 54”x75”+ 14”+ Duvet Cover: 80”x90”+ 2 Pillowcases)

Queen (Fitted Sheet: 60”x78”+ 16”+ Duvet Cover: 80”x90” + 2 Pillowcases)

King (Fitted Sheet: 72”x78”+ 16”+ Duvet Cover: 80”x90”+ 2 Pillowcases)


"1900 Needle Active Bamboo Print Bedding Series (60% Bamboo Fiber + 40% Cotton)"

  1. Health Benefits: The antioxidants in bamboo fiber can effectively eliminate free radicals in the human body. This contributes to enhanced immunity, anti-aging, and skin protection benefits, comprehensively aiding in the two primary functions of sleep – eliminating physical and mental fatigue and repairing the body's system wear and tear.
  2. Air Purification Function, Respiratory System Protection: The extremely fine microporous structure inside natural bamboo fiber possesses a strong absorption capability, effectively absorbing harmful substances in the air (such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ammonia, etc.). In addition, natural bamboo fiber can produce a high concentration of negative ions, which effectively improves air quality. Using a bedding set made of 100% pure natural bamboo fiber can purify the air in the sleeping environment, helping to protect the respiratory system.
  3. Mite-Proof and Antibacterial Function, Beauty and Skin Protection: Natural bamboo is pest-free and does not corrode, having a strong self-protection capability. Natural bamboo fiber contains an antimicrobial substance called "Bamboo Kun", which prevents insects and inhibits bacterial growth. Hence, natural bamboo fiber bedding allows you to sleep without contact with mites and bacteria, inhibiting bacterial growth on the skin, reducing acne formation, and mite-induced allergic symptoms. On the other hand, bamboo fiber has UV protection capabilities. Even with the lights off at night, there are still harmful UV rays present. Bamboo fiber's UV penetration rate is 0.0006%, effectively blocking UV radiation from affecting the human body, providing anti-aging benefits and ensuring no skin irritation.
  4. Temperature Regulation Function, Promote Metabolism: The porous structure of natural bamboo fiber has excellent moisture absorption and release properties, making its moisture-wicking and breathability the best among all fibers. This feature can instantly absorb and evaporate the sweat secreted by the body during sleep, thereby automatically balancing the body's temperature, helping maintain good blood circulation and metabolism. Good metabolism naturally helps you alleviate fatigue, repair body system wear and tear, and boost the body's immunity during sleep.