Seastar Babysmile Glowing Sound Waves Toothbrush Blue Color


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  • Brand: Seastar

  • Color: Blue

  • Origin of Country: Japan


This product is a BabySmile electric toothbrush for kids from 0 year. It is waterproof toothbush and the brush head can be rinsed, so it is safe for children to use. Safe and long battery life-dry battery power is able to prevent children from contacting electricity. (180 days long battery life). Food grade material and non-slip material are made of , which is easy to grasp and good hand feeling with food grade shell material. Cultivating the fun of brushing teeth-flashing and smart rainbow lights attract children's attention. With its small and shake burshhead, it helps clean dead corners and the transparent brush head directly sees the inside of the oral cavity. Smart reminder: pause every 30 seconds to remind children to change actions, and automatically shut down in 2 minutes.