Uni Jetstream Alpha Gel Grip Ballpoint Pen-0.7mm-Black Body


Body Type: Black
Body Material: Metal
Features: Ergonomic
Grip Colour: Black
Tip Material: Metal
Tip Size: 0.7mm
Diameter Grip: 13mm
Diameter Max: 13mm


For years now, Alpha gel has gained a lot of reputation by its extreme soft and squishy gel grip. In comparison to the other so-called “comfy” grips, alpha gel grip is way softer because the gel is the same as what they use to keep eggs from breaking when dropped from 5 feet height.

Uni-ball has realised the popularity of the alpha gel grip and now they have adopted it for the jetstream line in Japan. Users now can enjoy the smooth writing, dark lines and smear resistant technology while enjoy the liquidly soft gel grip. The combination of these two pros really boost the writing performance and experience.

The body of the pen is of matte finished metal.