Uni Jetstream Prime 0.5mm Tri-Colour Ballpoint Multi Pen-Black Body


  • Body & Clip Material: Metal

  • Components: 3 inks

  • Diameter-Grip& Max: 11.0mm

  • Ink Characteristics: Fade-resistant, water-resistant, light-resistant, fast dry

  • Length-Body: 14.9cm/5.9inch

  • Ink Refillable: Yes


This jetstream prime multi pen has a sleek design which conveys the smoothness of the ink. Each tab of colour is retractable and not sunk into the streamlined body when you push it down, leading to a smooth feel and fluid operation when selecting a colour.

“Smooth writing that becomes a habit.” is a norm for Uni Jetstream inks. One pen comprises of three incredible oil-based Jetstream inks: blue, black and red. What it is more amazing, the Jetstream ink is both of water-resistant and light-resistant which conveys extremely low coefficient of friction. In other words, the pen has a really good flow and makes you feel gliding across the paper. Best of all, no matter the density or the colour pigment, the Jetstream ink delivers both in quality.