UYEKI - DaniClin W Care Dust Mite Repellent - 250ml

By Uyeki

  • Brand: UYEKI

  • Volume: 250ml

  • Oringin of Country: Japan


This productdust mite repellent from UYEKI.  This repellent spray does not non-toxic mites repellent spray, which ia s saves atopic babies and solves worries about allergies caused by dust mites and house dusts. It could be appled in environment with baby and pet. This produc is not a insecticide, but a natural product using non-toxic ingredients that dust mites hate. With just a few times spraying, DaniClin will make the surface free from dust mites from pillows, beds, etc. Furthermore, DaniClin W Care type has advanced function to inactivate house dusts made of dead dust mites, their feces, pollens, etc. thus eases atopic babies and children who suffer from allergic reactions like asthma, skin allergies, etc.